Life, as they say, can be a long, strange trip. Often we end up in situations we never even knew existed, let alone imagined we would be in. But if we’re lucky, we come through it all, smiling and ready to tackle the next day.

But sometimes that smile hasn’t made it through in the condition we would like. It may no longer be the bright, beautiful one we started with, and that can make it harder to grin and bear it when life throws the next obstacle your way.

Fortunately, we can help your smile look its best, no matter where your life has taken you.

The Marks of Stress

If you’ve come through some tight spots, the days and nights of stress have likely left their mark on your smile. You may have spent a lot of time clenching your teeth, which can have some serious impact on your teeth.

At a minimum, your smile may have developed craze lines, but often the damage is much worse than that. Cracked teeth, chipped teeth, and worn teeth are often the result of stressful clenching or grinding. With porcelain veneers or dental crowns, we can repair this damage to help you get back your beautiful smile. It will be as if you have never had a worry in your life.

Poor Decisions in Youth

Many of us made some decisions in our younger years that we regret as we get older. Piercings in the tongue or lip can have a significant impact on your gums, leading to receding gums. Tobacco use, too, can cause receding gums, but, even worse, it can lead to tooth loss.

Unsuccessful Restorations

A different kind of poor decision is if you tried to have your smile restored as cheaply as possible and ended up with restorations that don’t look as good as you want. Or maybe you had them done a long time ago and they don’t look as good as they used to.

We can replace old restorations to give you a truly attractive smile that is all you hoped for and more.

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