It’s common to assume that a double chin is caused by something extra under the chin (cough, cough, “fat,” cough), and sometimes this is the case. But just as often, it’s the opposite. Just like jowls, a second chin can be formed when the jaw loses volume.

A Loose Blouse on a Wire Hanger

As dermatologist Jeannette Graf explained to Allure magazine, the double chin is an inevitable consequence of the confluence of a number of forces. One of them is the implacable gravity. There’s nothing that can be done about gravity.

But the others are more addressable. In particular, Graf notes what we’ve been talking about as the accordion effect: the loss of volume in the lower face. In her colorful metaphor, this makes the skin of the neck hang down like “a loose blouse on a wire hanger.” The looseness makes it fold over, creating the double chin appearance.

In particular, she refers to the loss of muscle, fat, and bone, and then talks about how “stiff fillers” like Radiesse or Restylane might be a good solution to help remedy the problem.

The Dermatologist’s Blind Spot

What Dr. Graf forgot to mention, though, is the important role your teeth play in this change. It’s unfortunately common that many plastic surgeons and those in related positions like dermatologists aren’t aware of the link between tooth structure, muscle structure, and jawbone volume.

The loss of jawbone volume doesn’t happen in isolation, and it’s often related to changes in the nature and function of the jaw, as well as changes in the structure of the teeth. Worn teeth, damaged teeth, and lost teeth all contribute to the loss of volume in the jawbone and the lower third of the face. This can be a very large contributor to the loss of volume that can lead to a double chin as well as jowls.

An Alternative Form of Facelifting

Dr. Graf talked about the benefit of using stiff fillers to try to replace jawbone loss, but when it comes down to it, no amount of stiff filler can actually emulate the hard tissue of bone and tooth. This is a deeper change than many superficial procedures can correct. To truly replace these losses, you need something that has the same firmness and structure as teeth and bone. This can be accomplished using dental restorations. Dental restorations can be used to build your teeth back up to their proper proportions, creating a non-surgical facelift effect.

We can even do this if you’ve lost all your teeth. FOY ® Dentures are designed to truly replace the structure of your teeth and jaws so that your face returns to its youthful proportions. And with dental implants, FOY ® Dentures can even help maintain your jawbone volume as you age.

And, on top of it, you’ll get a beautiful smile, which can also help you look younger.

Consider a Nonsurgical Facelift for Your Double Chin

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your double chin and suspect that it’s due to volume lost in your teeth and jawbone, we can help.

Please call (843) 706-2999 today for an appointment with a Hilton Head cosmetic dentist to talk about a nonsurgical facelift at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.