When people think about replacing their dentures, they may hesitate because they don’t think a change in their dentures is going to make all that big a difference. If this is where you’re at, you may not realize just how much of a difference FOY® Dentures can make in your life.

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Eating is one of the places you’re probably most aware of your dentures. You’ve probably gotten a limited diet since you got your dentures. How would you like to expand that again, eat many of the foods you used to enjoy and now miss? You will be surprised at the things you can add back into your diet with new dentures, especially if you get dentures supported by dental implants.


You might have noticed you get an upset stomach more often than you used to. Or maybe it’s the heartburn you notice. Perhaps it’s gas. But all of these digestive problems stem from a common cause: your inability to properly chew your food before you swallow it. This can lead to poor digestion.


Are you unhappy to show your smile in public because of your dentures? Well, that can hend. With properly fitting dentures, your smile will stay straight, not tilt to one side or another as poorly fitting dentures can. In addition, your teeth will be so much more attractive with quality dentures, you will be happy to show them off all the time.

Hanging out with Friends

Have you stopped going out with friends because your dentures embarrass you? Whether it’s any of the above problems or their tendency to click or slip when you talk or laugh, better quality dentures can give you back your confidence so you can get out and enjoy yourself the way you used to.

Getting active

And what about being active when you’re out? Dentures can help with that, too. You might not think it, but your jaw has an important role in helping you balance and walk. With properly fitting dentures, you’ll find your balance is a little better, and your stride is a little steadier.

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