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Natural, Drug-Free Headache Remedies

The Cleveland Clinic recently posted a blog about drug-free ways that people can combat headaches. It is noteworthy that a major, internationally renowned healthcare system would endorse taking a drug-free approach to headache care is a good sign, especially in light of a recent study showing that doctors are less often recommending these [...]

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Can an Old Dental Bridge Be Replaced with an Implant?

If you have an old dental bridge, it may be suffering from the same problems as other old restorations. Even if it was attractive to begin with, it may not be attractive now. Or it may be worn out or damaged. If that's the case, you might think you want to replace it [...]

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How Much Is an Unattractive Smile Costing You?

There are many reasons why a smile might be considered unattractive, including crooked teeth, discolored teeth, even missing teeth. Studies have shown that having a more attractive smile can improve your romantic and professional success. We can't quantify the value of romantic success, per se (though we can note the health benefits of being happily [...]

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What about a Mini Facelift?

Many people want to look younger but want to avoid all the downsides of a traditional facelift, such as the risk of surgical complications, the risk of poor cosmetic result, and the long, painful recovery. Sometimes people are told that the best option for this is a mini facelift, sometimes called a Weekend Lift or [...]

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When Dental Restorations Outlive Their Appearance

Dental restorations can last a long time. Studies show that most can be expected to last ten years or more, depending on their composition and position. Unfortunately, this is usually long enough for people to grow unhappy with their appearance. Here are some common reasons why people feel unhappy with restorations as they age. The [...]

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