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Will Removing Amalgam Fillings Help with Sores in Mouth?

Everyone gets a little sore in the mouth from time to time. Maybe you accidentally bit your cheek or tongue. Maybe you ate a food that was hard and sharp, like corn chips, and it just happened to poke you. These sores are painful, and they take longer to heal than we wish, but they [...]

Enjoy a Scrap Iron, but Not in Your Smile

Summer is almost here in Hilton Head, and that means lots of opportunities to get out and enjoy all the wonders we have to offer here on the islands. One of the local summer favorites is enjoying a “scrap iron” cocktail on Daufuskie Island. The scrap iron is a great piece of local history, but [...]

Why Ceramic Fillings Are Better for Replacing Metal Amalgam Fillings

If you’re unhappy with gold or metal amalgam fillings, maybe it’s time to replace them with more attractive tooth-colored fillings. But if you’re going to make the replacement, it’s usually better to opt for ceramic fillings rather than composite fillings. It’s just a better option, and here’s why you’ll be happier with [...]

Should You Remove Metal Restorations or Leave Them in?

Many of us have metal restorations from the days when they were the only commonly used materials available. However, as dentistry has moved away from the use of metal restorations, you may be wondering whether you should remove your metal restorations or leave them in. Although metal restorations may be highly durable [...]

By |August 17th, 2017|Metal|

Are Metal Restorations Irritating Your Gums?

As we’ve talked about before, metal restorations aren’t like your natural tooth material. Metal restorations like fillings and dental crowns can cause many common symptoms. A less common symptom is gum irritation. Sometimes, though, we figure out that your metal restorations are actually responsible for your gum irritation. Cosmetic Renewal Hilton Head

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