If you’ve lost your natural teeth or you need an extraction, it’s important to find a replacement solution at your earliest convenience. During your search for the perfect tooth replacement, you will likely come across dental implants. After a bit of research, you will find that they’re one of the most popular tooth replacement solutions. You’re probably wondering just why they’re so popular? We’re here to tell you why.

1. They Feel and Look Natural

One of the top reasons dental implants are super popular among anyone with missing teeth is because they look and feel natural. For instance, dentures cover the entire roof of your mouth and easily slip and slide when you’re eating if they’re not made well. They can also look unnatural if they’re not made with your facial appearance in mind. One of the reasons people love dental implants is because you don’t have to get dentures if you don’t want them. There are also implant bridges and dental crowns for single tooth implants.

At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we offer high-quality FOY® Dentures that look natural and use a unique design with neuromuscular dentistry approaches for the best fit and functionality possible. Although these dentures work great on their own, they’re even better when supported by dental implants.

2. Dental Implants Improve Ability to Eat and Chew

Trying to chew and eat with missing teeth or poor-fitting dentures is a serious challenge. You might resort to eating only soft or liquid foods resulting in malnutrition or dissatisfaction with your diet. Instead of worrying about whether or not you can chew something successfully, dental implants make it possible to eat and chew as you did with your natural teeth again. Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jaw bone which then surrounds itself around the implant. After we connect the restoration to the implant, the implant acts just like a tooth root. When you chew, all the pressure you put on your replacement teeth goes directly onto the jaw bone.

With the implant secure in your jaw, you don’t have to worry about your replacement teeth falling out or slipping and sliding. You can enjoy all your favorite foods without a second thought again.

3. They’re Long-Lasting

Another reason why dental implants are so popular is that they’re long-lasting. With the right care, your implants can last for decades to come and for some, even a lifetime. Dental implants are one of the best lifetime investments you can make in your life and in your health.

4. They Offer a High Success Rate

The average success rate of dental implants is around 95%. At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we only provide dental implants to patients who are qualified for the procedures, which is usually most patients. If we think there is any chance your implants will fail, we won’t provide you with the procedure. We would hate to see our patients spend their money on a procedure that wasn’t built to succeed for them. However, if you do qualify for dental implants, you can look forward to a high success rate assuming you take good care of your oral hygiene.

5. They Preserve Your Jawbone

When you lose your natural teeth, your jaw bone realizes it no longer serves much purpose since it’s not holding teeth in place. As a result, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate. However, if you invest in dental implants, your jaw bone has something to hold in place again. This then prevents the bone from disintegrating.

6. Dental Implants Improve Facial Features

With bone loss also comes changes to your facial features. This is because your jaw bone also supports your facial structure. As it begins to deteriorate, your facial structure will also begin to lose some height. This can cause you to develop more wrinkles around your mouth and sagging skin on the lower third of your face. Unfortunately, this can make you look years older than your biological age. With dental implants, you will retain your jaw bone and therefore retain your facial features.

7. Dental Implants Improve Taste

Dental implants can also make food taste better. At least if you previously had dentures. This is because dentures cover the roof of your mouth which is home to some of your taste buds. When you get dental implants, the implants keep your replacement teeth secure so there’s no need to cover the roof of your mouth to keep them secure. Therefore, more tastebuds will get to taste your food all the time.

8. They Improve Speech

Since dental implants keep your replacement teeth nice and secure, you won’t talk with a lisp due to the bulkiness of economy dentures. It’s also common to have speech problems when you lose teeth and don’t replace them. Dental implants will help you speak with ease and confidence again.

9. Implants Improve Confidence

The last reason dental implants are so popular is that they help improve self-confidence. You will feel confident with your new smile that looks natural and functions just like real teeth! Who wouldn’t want that?

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