If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you might be looking at the different costs you are being quoted and wonder why not choose your cosmetic dentist on the basis of cost. We understand that cost is a major consideration when choosing a cosmetic dentist, but it’s important to take all costs into consideration, including some of the hidden costs in cosmetic dentistry.

Poor Appearance

If your cosmetic dentistry doesn’t look good, is it really worth paying for? No matter how cheap it is, cosmetic dentistry has to look good to be of any value.

Many people who advertise as cosmetic dentists don’t have the training, talent, or experience to give you the quality of results you’re seeking. A dentist has to have an education that is focused on cosmetic procedures to be able to perform them properly, but this training can be expensive, so some dentists may cut costs by skipping this step.  It also takes a deft touch and a keen aesthetic sense to be able to design and place cosmetic restorations in a smile makeover. And, of course, all dentists get better with practice.

Piggy bank on top of cash

Another way some cosmetic dentists may reduce costs is by offering restorations made with lower quality material. The lower quality material is usually less attractive than the quality materials we use.


To make sure your cosmetic dentistry is properly fitted and comfortable, it’s important to work with a neuromuscular dentist. You might save money working with a different dentist, but you’ll pay the price in discomfort.

Some dentists practice cosmetic dentistry without understanding neuromuscular dentistry and the dynamics of your bite. If you get a full mouth reconstruction by someone who can’t put your bite right, you are likely to experience soreness as a result. You might feel it in your jaw muscles, or maybe in your jaw joint. The pain may be directly in your teeth, or it may be chronic headaches that start soon after your dentistry is completed.

Frequent Replacement

Are you saving enough with cheap cosmetic dentistry to pay for the procedure two or three times over? Because that may be what you’re looking at if you decide to work with a bargain dentist.

There are many cost-saving measures that can be expensive in the long run. Cheap materials may initially pass inspection as attractive, but they can quickly stain, wear, or break. Better materials are designed to be stain resistant, wear resistant, and strong enough to stand up to the punishment your bite can deal.

Remember neuromuscular dentistry? It can also be important for ensuring your cosmetic dentistry lasts. If your bite is poorly adjusted, your restorations may be put under excessive stress, leading to damage and early failure.

Tooth Damage

Do you know what’s more precious than any cosmetic dentistry? Your natural teeth, which are irreplaceable. Unfortunately, cheap cosmetic dentistry might damage your natural teeth.

Cheap materials have to be made thicker than quality materials, which means more of your natural teeth have to be removed as part of the restoration process. And a dentist who isn’t skilled and experienced  in the process can mistakenly remove too much of your natural tooth.

New materials are also so durable that it isn’t always the restoration that suffers damage when your bite is poorly adjusted. Sometimes it’s your natural teeth that will be chipped or worn down.

Time and Hassle

Every time you have to deal with cosmetic dentistry that doesn’t look good, is uncomfortable, fails, or damages your teeth, you have to make another visit to the dentist. The amount of time lost and inconvenience can be a serious burden on top of your already very busy schedule. And time is another invaluable commodity: there’s no amount of money that can get back the lost time.

Cosmetic Dentistry That’s Worth the Investment

When you factor in all the costs, cheap cosmetic dentistry is a lot more expensive than you think. At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we promise your results will justify your investment because they will be:

  • Attractive
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Safe for your teeth
  • Right the first time

To learn more about how we strive to ensure the quality of our cosmetic dentistry in the Hilton Head area, please call (843) 706-2999 for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.